Create good fencing for your garden with the right kind of hedging plants

Hedging plants have long been considered a staple for various gardens as they provide with fencing, security and privacy. They also look quite good and add further depth to a garden space. They provide a garden with much needed protection in windy areas. If you are a gardening enthusiast who is looking to know more about these plants, then read on as you can find tons of information here.

Hedging Plants

Like all other forms of plants, hedging plants also have some special requirements that are necessary for its proper growth. The first and foremost thing that one needs for arrange for hedging plants is tree shelters. This is particularly true when your hedging plants are still in their nascent or young stage. You also need to take good care of them from the very beginning so that they grow up to be the kind of fencing that you want for your garden.

Hedging plants require regular attending and maintenance, without which they will simply go wild and this will completely ruin the look of your garden. You also need to follow certain specific steps when you are going to plant them. Firstly, you need to create a well defined base for planting them, and this should be made wider than the top portion of your hedges. By following this procedure, you can create well sorted hedging plants that get easy access to a lot of light and air.

There are numerous types of hedging plants available in the market, and while some of them take a long time to reach their maturity, there are others that reach the same level of growth much quicker. The kind of hedging plants that you need to choose will depend on what are your specific requirements. While there are certain places that require bigger hedging plants, you can also have areas that need smaller hedging plants.

Among the different types of hedging plants that are widely used are the alders, the ash trees, dogwoods, blackthorns, English oaks, field maples and green beeches. The alder trees are ideal for wet grounds and provide with good heights. Ash trees are widely preferred because of their tolerance for soils having heavy clay content. The blackthorns are some of the most prevalently used hedging plants. These trees grow flowers during the March and April months and add great beauty to your garden space.

Hedging Plants in UK

Another common variety of hedging plant is the English oak. These trees are primarily grown for their timber, and you can combine them with hedgerow to create good looking hedges. While dogwood trees enjoy a substantial status as hedging plants, they are generally combined with hawthorns for the best effects. The field maples grow very fast and while they themselves work great as hedging plants, they can also be combined with hawthorns. During the springtime, the leaves of the field maples are tinged with a touch of pink, which again takes on a yellow shade during the autumn. The color changing leaves of the field maples make them an exciting addition to any garden.

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