Erica x Darleyensis

The scented flowers of Erica x Darleyensis provide a graceful backdrop for snowdrops. Grows to a max height of 1.6ft and spreads to 2ft. This plant looks best between December-April.

Erica Darleyensis

The hardiness of heaths is a gardening legend, and there can be few more uplifting sights in winter than the spectacle of this heath cheerfully flowering in the midst of ice and snow. A hybrid between Erica Carnea and E. Erigena, it nicely combines the characteristics of it’s parents, and stays in bloom for months on end. It is also lime-tolerant, although it will not do well in shallow, chalky soils. There are a number of pink and white varieties of Erica x Darleyensis, and also a yellow-leaved form. Make this heath the feature of the heather garden. Plant it with purple and pink callunas, which are at their best in late summer and autumn, and E. Carnea to follow on. E. x Darleyensis is too tall to permit bulbs to rise up and flower through it’s foliage, but such winter-flowering bulbs as snowdrops, aconites and Iris Reticulata hybrids could be planted in artfully casual groups around the heath. Plant in spring or autumn in a sunny, open position, and in soil with added peat or compost. Propagate by taking semi-hardwood cuttings in late summer.

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