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Bedding, Patio & Basket

Autumn Bedding & Basket Plants
A delightful range of bedding and basket plants including Pansies, Thymus, Ajuga, Lamium, Cyclamen, Ivy and heathers. All perfect for the Autumn/Winter season.
Summer Bedding & Basket Plants
A wide range of summer bedding plants for your hanging baskets and borders plus a selection of evergreens for colour all year round.

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Deal Of The Week

Ceanothus Yankee Point (Californian Lilac) 1.2mtr 10Ltr Pot
Azalea Japonica Schneewittchen 2ltr
Ceanothus Puget Blue (Californian Lilac) 1.2mtr 10Ltr Pot
Rose Bush Mothers Day (Patio/Miniature Rose) Crimson Red 4Ltr
Cyclamen Deep Pink 2 Litre Pot

Special Offers

Buxus Sempervirens Ball (Box Hedge Ball/Topiary Ball) Set of 2 10Ltr Pot
Rhododendron Hybrid Cosmopolitan 5Ltr


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