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Pernettya Mucronata (Prickly Heath) Dark Pink 9cm



Please call 01279 792 869 for stock

Pernettya Mucronata (Prickly Heath) Dark Pink is a hardy evergreen shrub which bears small white bell-shaped flowers between May and June. These are produced above glossy light to mid- green leaves which take on an attractive bronze tint in the winter. The flowers are followed by beautiful dark pink fruits which help to provide colour and interest well into autumn winter and even the following spring.

Size: 1.2m Height Spread: 1.5m 9cm Pot ( This 9cm size is ideal for winter patio containers and can then be planted in beds)

Position: It prefers a loamy acidic soil but can also tolerate swampy conditions.Full sun to partial shade.

Planting: Water the plant well remove the pot and plant in a hole large enough or container large enough to avoid disturbing the rootball. Back-fill with soil mixed with compost. Water regularly and throughout the plant's first year of growth.

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