Begonia Semperflorens Dark Leaf White Flower 10 Per Pack


Begonia Semperflorens Dark Leaf White Flower come in trays of 10 plants, and is a waxy brown leaf perennial. This begonia produces stunning dainty white flowers. Despite this plant preferring full sun exposure, it will still perform well in partial shade. 

Size: Height: Up to 20cm Spread: Up to 20cm

Position: Full Sunlight/Partial Shade

Plant Care & Advice

To Plant; - gently loosen plants from their trays by pushing them up from the base. Knock out plants from pots by giving a sharp tap to the bottom with the handle of your trowel. Remember, keep your hand securely over the top of the plant when doing this so you do not drop it on the ground! Handle plants by leaves or rootball. Use a compost that drains freely.


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