Callistemon Laevis (Bottlebrush)Hedging Frame 100cm x 150cm 30Ltr



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Callistemon Laevis (Bottlebrush) is a lovely evergreen shrub.  It has a Meditteranean feel to the plant, during the summer months the plant is adorned with a mass of bright red flowers that are look like a 'bottlebrush.   This plant has been grown against a frame, which when planted will provide an instant evergreen hedge or screen. 

Size: 100cm wide x 150cm height   30ltr pot

Position: Full sun in a sheltered position

Flowering Period: Summer

This plant is easy to maintain, a trim once a year will keep the plant nice and dense and will give you a lovely mass of flowers during the Summer.  The removal of dead flowerheads will extend the flowering period.

Soil: Acidic to neutral