Lophomyrtus x Ralphii Black Pearl 3Ltr

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Lophomyrtus x Ralphii Black Pearl 3Ltr


Lophomyrtus x Ralphii Black Pearl is a super compact evergreen with rich deep purple highly textured leaves. It has a light airy habit making it great to soften more heavy evergreens. The white fluffy flowers are carried all over the plant in June.

Height:  1.2m

Spread: 0.5m max  

Pot: 3 Litre

Position:  Plant in any well-drained soil in sun or part shade.

Planting:  Water the plant well remove the pot and plant in a hole large enough or container large enough to avoid disturbing the rootball. Back-fill with soil mixed with compost. Water regularly and throughout the plant's first year of growth.

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