Peony (Paeonia) ITOH Intersectional Yellow Waterlily 3.5ltr



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Peony (Paeonia) ITOH Yellow Waterlily is one of the rarer Hybrids, it is a mix of the Garden Peony and the Tree Peony.  It has strong upright stems that are covered with large, fingered, dark green foliage and during May - June it has huge, bright yellow,  double to semi-double blooms that are very fragrant.  In the Autumn the plant will die down and once the foliage has dropped it can be removed from the area to protect against disease.  The Peony may take a couple of years to flower but don't be impatient, it will be worth the wait.

Size: 50-100cm height   3.5 ltr pot

Position: Full sun

Flowering Period: May - June