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Aesculus Mutabilis 'Induta' Dwarf Indian Horse Chestnut



Aesculus Mutabilis 'Induta' has a compact spherical shape usually grafted on a stem. It is a slow growing plant that is sturdy and compact. The trunk is very smooth and dark grey. The thick twigs bear non-sticky, smooth buds. The decorative, bluish-green leaf has five leaflets. The underside is thickly haired and has a lighter colour.The end of each flower is yellow to salmon pink.
The three grows best in a slightly moist soil and is susceptible to salt (for icy roads)

Flowering period: may - june
Colour (flower): Yellow, orange and pink 
Colour (leaf): Green
Max Height: 250 cm Max Spread: 250cm
Location: Full sun or partial shade
Evergreen: no
Hardiness: To -25 °C
Soil moisture: slightly moist