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Cordyline Australis Chocolate Mint



Cordyline 'Chocolate Mint' is a striking evergreen plant known for its unique coloration and lush foliage. The long, narrow leaves feature a mix of deep chocolate-brown and vibrant green, creating a stunning contrast that adds depth and interest to any garden or indoor setting. This cordyline variety is versatile and can be grown in pots, containers, or directly in the garden. It's a low-maintenance plant that thrives in full sun to partial shade and adapts well to various climates. Its bold, architectural presence makes 'Chocolate Mint' an excellent choice for adding a touch of tropical flair to your outdoor landscape or indoor decor.


Key Features:

  • Height 150cm - Spread 100cm
  • Evergreen
  • Tender plant may need frost protection
  • Full Sun to Partial Shade


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