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Photinia Fraseri Louise


30-40cm 3.6ltr pack of 30

Photinia Fraseri 'Louise'

A hardy colourful variegated evergreen shrub found in Scotland. This plant, named after the daughter of the founder of this plant, has attractive new variegated shoots and provides all year colour. It is suitable for growing in a patio container or in the ground. It may also be used for hedging. Young shoots are variegated with pink and rosy red markings. Leaves mature to green and cream variegation. A plant the produces two or three flushes of new shoots each year giving a living change to your garden whilst doing so. It's all year round colour and neat growing habit is easy to maintain and only requires pruning to suit your garden.

Height and spread: 3m

Position: Full sun or partial shade.

Planting: Soak the pot in water for an hour prior to planting. Plant in a large hole to avoid damage to roots during planting. Remove the container and place the plant in position before back-filling with a mixture of soil and planting compost, then firm down. Water well but keep moist nduring dry spells.