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Toprose Fungus Control & Protect - 1L



Toprose Fungus Control & Protect - 1L

  • Controls all major rose diseases, such as blackspot, powdery mildew, white rust, and leaf spot.
  • Fast acting contact and systemic formula ensures it gets working quickly, whilst protecting for up to 3 weeks.
  • Suitable for use on all rose types in and around the garden, conservatory, greenhouse, and home.
  • Convenient, ready to use spray with twist and lock function for quick application.
  • Use at the first sign of infection for best results.

How To Use 

Application method: Ready to use spray

1. Press down the small tab on top of the nozzle firmly, where indicated.
2. At the same time, twist the nozzle to the 'ON' position by turning 1/4 of a turn in either direction.
3. Spray the whole plant evenly to just before run off (when drips start to form at the tips of leaves).
4. After use, twist the nozzle back to the start position, ensuring the tab has reset to the locked position.