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Toprose Rose & Shrub Feed - 4kg



Toprose Rose & Shrub Feed - 4kg


  • Bring your roses to life with Toprose's perfectly balanced nutrients for vibrant and intensely deep-coloured roses.
  • Increases root development and encourages efficient nutrient absorption for bigger, brighter, and healthier shrubs and bushes.
  • Contains Iron and Magnesium to guard against nutrient deficiency and prevent premature leaf drop and discolouring.
  • Easy application by simply scattering the granules onto the soil surface and then watering them in.
  • Ideal for use when transplanting new rose bushes and shrubs to help them survive the process. 
How To Use

Application method: Granules

Established roses and shrubs:
1. Apply evenly to the soil around the plants and hoe lightly.
2. Keep off stems and leaves.
3. Water if the soil is dry.
Only two applications are needed for a complete season’s feeding: First feed – Spring Apply 28g (1oz) – approx. one handful – around each plant when active growth starts.
Second feed – Summer Apply 28g (1oz) around each plant after the first flush of flowers has faded.

New roses and shrubs:
• You can put in bare-rooted plants between late October and March.
• The ground must be neither frozen nor waterlogged.
• Container-grown plants can be put in at any time of year provided the soil condition is suitable.

Bare-rooted plants:
1. Dig a hole which is wide enough and deep enough to allow the roots to spread out fully. Average size 60cm across and 25cm deep.
2. Mix one handful of Toprose with the bottom soil. Bud union should be 2.5cm (1”) below the soil level when planting is completed.

Container-grown plants:
1. Water thoroughly before planting or removing the container.
2. Cut down the side of the container when stood on the base of the hole.
3. Remove this cover very carefully.
4. Mix one handful of Toprose with the bottom soil.