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PlantBox Living Wall


Pack of 3 Troughs
Pack of 5 Troughs
Pack of 10 Troughs

PlantBox Living Wall 
The Cleverly Simple Vertical Garden
PlantBox is straightforward to assemble and install due to its modular design and 
pre-moulded  troughs. As PlantBox is ground bearing, only restraint fixings are 
required to prevent toppling.
Unit dimensions: 600mm x 200mm x 150mm
Fully loaded weight: 70kgs per m2
Base material: 100% recycled polypropylene
Trough depth: 200mm
Reservoir capacity: 1.8 litre
Recommended support structures: Treated
timber (plywood), aluminium, steel, masonry,
Recommended restraint fixings:
Plywood (wood screws), aluminium/steel (8.8
bolts), masonry/concrete (resin anchors).
2 fixings per trough (not included).
Plants per m2: 33 plants (8.33 troughs per m2)
Pot size: Anything up to 13cm (1 litre) – 4 plants
per trough
Design life: >10+ years
Compost type: Peat-free multi-use. 4-5 litres
compost per trough
Nutrient feed: Drip feed or slow-release pellet