Peony (Paeonia) rockii 'Ri Yue Tong Hui'



To be called ”Ri Yue Tong Hui” in Chinese, with characteristics of pink bloom, single petals, 20cm×12cm corolla, peachy buds, formal edge of the petals with light colors. The petals base have purple and dark speckles with peachblow and radiated stripes towards petals, this makes pink petals present peachblow demitint. The numerous stamens has yellow anthers and white filaments, individual stamens become petalody. The five full-grown and pea green pistils have milk white stigmas, half wrapped, deeply cracked and white floral disc. The 15 lobules have characteristics of green mixed with red demitint, stiffness in quality, many tomentas, concave and pompadour leafstalks, The growing situation of it is vigorous with patulous shape ,many blooms and many sprouts, it has medium blooming date.