Peony (Paeonia) rockii 'Ye Guang Bei'



Paeonia Rockii Ye Guang Bei has characteristics of black bloom, single petals, 17cm×7cm corolla, peachy buds, biggish and neat petals with stiffness in quality, with clefts at the central part of the petals edge, and black base speckles. The stamens are numerous with yellow and smaller anthers, filaments of it enjoying with milk yellow upside and amaranth lowerside. The five kelly pistils have red stigmas, amaranth floral disc with dentiform clefts. The plant grows erectly and vigorously with bloom patulous upwards, large quantity of blooms, with great many sprouts and aromatic flavor. The medium size and round leaves grow upswept, the 15 lobules have characteristics of green with red demitint, many tomentas, concave and red leafstalks. It has medium blooming date and to be costiful variety of black bloom varieties.


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