Totum Grow Seedling 100ml Concentrated Mix



Roots are the root of the matter , plant growth begins with the root system. When a seed germinates, it produces an embryonic root that grows into the soil. As the root grows, it is as a fibrous or a tap type root system or a combination of both. The development of a strong and extensive root system, aided by Totum Grow, increases biomass, and therefore yield.

 Recommended 3 Treatments 


Stage 1 - Seed Pre Planting:

Soak seeds thoroughly for about 15 minutes, 12 to 24 hours before planting.

This produces a Higher Germination rate to produce healthier and more plant.

Seeds will germinate faster. 


Stage 2 - Sow & Spray


Stage 3 - Spray when the first leaves appear (1-2 leaf)