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Totum Grow Mulit-Purpose For Fruit and Vegetable Plants 1Ltr Spray



Good For Fruit & Vegetables

All edible plants that have a high BRIX levels (natural sugar) will simply thrive with Totum Grow Multi-purpose. When it is absorbed into the pores on the surface of leaves and accelerates the metabolic process with stimulates the activity of naturally available enzymes and hormones in the plants. As a consequence, the plant feeds better, growing healthier, stronger, and faster, with an increased root mass, which overall results in the increase in biomass and higher yields.

The way plants feed on Totum Grow increases the BRIX making the end product look and taste better. Tomatoes, grapes, strawberries, carrots, herbs and chilli plants are just some of the top examples of thriving yield.

Totum Grow Multi-purpose removes pesticides, dirt & bug droppings.

Good For The Garden Plants & Shrubs

With an increased root mass, whether fibrous or tap, plants treated with Totum Grow have access to more soil nutrients, thus speeding up growth and the vitality of plants.


Good For Rose Bushes

Spraying the plants after a heavy rain, especially if it is hot, as this will also reduce Fungus Growth.


How To Use Totum Grow Multi-purpose 

Once the plants are in second level growth (4-6 leaf stage) Apply 2 - 3 times per season of the plant. It is best to apply Totum Grow Multi-purpose in cool conditions, preferably in the early morning or late evening (before sunrise or after sunset)

For damage plants, saturate the damage area twice a week until plant revitalises. 

Rooting of cuttings, spry twice a week until buds are visible.

Soft Fruit, make sure you apply an application when flowering.


Do not over spray Totum Grow Multi-purpose


For best results when gro