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Lonicera (Honeysuckle) Delavayii


Lonicera (Honeysuckle) Delavayii is a semi-evergreen climbing shrub. It has dark green leaves and in the autumn it produces fragrant white tubular shaped flowers that gradually turn to yellow these are then followed by black berries.


Key Features

Plant Type: semi-evergreen Climber

Plant Height & Spread: 800cm

Foliage Colour: Green

Foliage Type: semi-evergreen

Seasons of Interest: Autumn

Soil Condition: Well-drained, Fertile

Planting Position: Full Sun


Plant Care & Advice

Climbing varieties prefer fertile, humus rich, moist but well-drained soil. Though they will flower best with the top growth in full sun, they are less prone to aphid attack in partial shade. Remove old and weak stems to stimulate new growth from the base. Shorten about one in three older branches, cutting to a new, upright shoot. Renovate by hard pruning to a framework of older branches in late winter or early spring.