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Fargesia Robusta 'Tauro' Bamboo



'Tauro' is particularly useful as an upright specimen hedging or screening due to its compact dense neat habit. Robusta bamboo are one of the most Upright Bamboos, with lovely dull green straight canes, also this Fargesia Bamboo is better suited for a sunny location in the garden, it makes an excellent hedge, 'Tauro' has a slightly larger sized leave than straight robusta. Quite rare, but very desirable!


Key Features

Plant Type: tree-like grass

Plant Height & Spread: 2M

Foliage Colour: Green

Foliage Type: Evergreen

Seasons of Interest: All Seasons

Soil Condition: Moist but Well-Drained

Planting Position: Full Sun/Partial Shade


Plant Care & Advice

When planting Bamboo's, use a sunken root barrier to prevent the Bamboo invading other areas of the garden with its runners. I would need to be watered regularly during dry periods! In spring, remove any weak, dead, damaged or spindly canes, cutting them to ground level with secateurs or loppers. To show off plants to their best, remove some of the foliage from the bottom of the canes. Cut them back with secateurs, pruning as close to the main cane as possible to leave a smooth finish.